This project will facilitate the co-creation of a wild green playground for the Batiment 7 grounds, centred around participatory arts methods and unstructured imaginative play. Wild playgrounds are playgrounds that are modular, flexible, and ever-changing which adapt to the needs and desires of their users and occupants. Their ‘wildness’ lies in the fact that natural and human-made elements are used to create them – such as wood, soil mounds, tires, recycled structures, old playground infrastructure – whatever is at hand and part of the site. This ‘wildness’ also brings a multiplicity of uses and spurs imagination in the players, especially when the meaning and function of a particular playground is unclear and unrestricted.


Christian Scott Martone Donde (Individualized, PhD),

Sahar Alinezhad (Geography, Urban, and Environmental Studies, PhD),

Mohammad Abdalreza Zadeh (Individualized, PhD)


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