What was this microgrant?

In 2022, SAF turned 15 years old and to celebrate, we offered up to 5 microgrants of $1500 to students who are engaging in community work outside of Concordia.

One of the SAF’s guiding strategic directions is to strengthen support for students involved in community initiatives. We hope this micro-grant will recognize and empower students who are taking on this work.

Read more about our recipients here!

Collective 4891

Autumn Banks

Collective 4891’s second annual multimedia zine project will be themed around transitions, being in movement, and rebirth, to imagine better futures for ourselves and our communities through art in a time of grief, isolation, and resilience. By inviting submissions that range from poetry and prose to visual art and photographs, we encourage students and other members of the community to take part in the radical healing of collective art-making, while also providing opportunities for (often first-time) publishing, mentorship, and guidance for those with limited experience.

Music Therapy at SFCGM

Anqi Sun

This project is a music therapy community service program at Service à la Famille Chinoise du Grand Montréal (SFCGM) to offer free music therapy service to people in needs in the Chinese community in Montreal to help with their health and well-being. Possible services include group and individual music therapy sessions for Chinese immigrants in need (especially to help people deal with mental health difficulties caused by the isolation and racism from the pandemic, the difficulties for the elderly in the community, domestic abuse victims/survivors, and the challenges for new immigrants especially children and teenagers for settling in a new environment and culture); workshops on music therapy and how to use music for self-care.

Ourania Ntagizege Nima

The Community Carrot hopes to provide a space to share ideas, connect and create bonds over a free meal. We value the creation of links and friendships between people with similar values, as part of a convergent vision of social justice struggles. We invite organizations and individuals who are interested in issues of social justice and community building to attend our community care events that will occur monthly or bi-monthly in Tiohtià:ke/ Mooniyang (Montreal).

Press Start Co op

Michelle Duchesneau

As part of Press Start’s programming, we support young LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC artists in both accessing various supplies and materials as well as in receiving financial support to experiment. One of the projects, that was supported through Living Labs, is a project that has been dedicated to experimental dyeing which serves the purpose of connecting people with the learning experience of various dye projects such as ice dyeing, natural dyeing and indigo/shibari dyeing in order to learn about sustainable clothing & art practices.

Land Based Education

Emilio Wawatie

The goal of this project is to clear and set up camping space in the Parc La Verendrye for small land-based classes. Establishing this base camp with materials used from the land, every step of the process is a lesson and it’s important that people understand and respect that working and living out on the land is still hard work. From this camp, we will be able to go further out onto the territory beyond the “park” limits for harvesting materials, fish and game that will all be processed at camp. Throughout my years of pursuing my education I’ve always made it an important factor for me to practice and carry on the cultural knowledge that was passed onto me through my grandparents and elders before me.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Impact

    • Genuinely addresses issues in community
    • Nurtures learning/behavior change
  2. Feasibility

    • What will funding be used for?
    • Does the project have support?
  3. Community-facing component

    • Relationship to community
    • Provides meaningful engagement

Who could apply?

  • Students currently involved in community-facing initiatives who attend Concordia University. With this grant we are hoping to recognize students who are taking on community work outside of the Concordia community.
  • Current SAF funded projects are ineligible


This micro-grant has ended, if you have any questions please email executivedirector@gmail.com.