In 2021 the BCRC, in collaboration with 10 English-speaking Black youth, embarked on a journey to create a book highlighting the history of the English Speaking Black community that was relatively absent in Quebec. We proudly announce that this book, Where They Stood: The Evolution of the Black Anglo Community in Montreal, is now published and available for purchase. As a follow-up to this initiative, we have begun creating an animated series based on BCRC’s book focusing on the evolution of Black, English-speaking organizations created in Montreal; in response to settlement challenges and development within Black communities.

The first phase of the animated series was 12 months. During this time, we recruited a group of English-speaking Black youth interested in learning 2D animation.

The project’s second phase will require the dedication of a second cohort of youths who will create the remaining five series of episodes in a similar process. In addition to participating in workshops and creating their episodes, youths from both phases will be invited to participate in in-school workshops to promote the book, series, and animation as a career.






Ayana Monuma