Over 9000 students and staff are currently enrolled at Concordia’s Le Gym fitness centre. The WeCycle Energy Project aims at harnessing the energy created by spinners at the downtown gym complex spinning room by attaching generators onto the 26 stationary bikes already in place. The collected current will then be plugged back onto the University’s electrical grid.

The proposed project works by installing a dynamo system onto each of Le Gym’s 26 stationary spinning bikes. The equipment consists of generators and power meters on every machine, an inverter wired into Concordia’s electrical grid, and a central monitoring panel. The electricity produced will be directly transformed to grid level voltage by an inverter, and fed directly onto the Concordia electricity grid.

Years funded: 2014-15

Amount allocated: $11,667.00

Project leader: Rigopoula Paula Petsoulakis

E-mail: rppetsoulakis@gmail.com

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