“WE ASK MORE QUESTIONS THAN WE CAN ANSWER” (or WAMQTWCA) is an ongoing effort on behalf of the Master of Design 2019 graduating student cohort to bring research-creation into an accessible and public facing environment through the development and deployment of a “non-exhibit” exhibit. Rejecting the traditional hierarchies of historical curation practice and embracing a community-centric praxis, we are working with the new 4th SPACE vitrine on the Concordia SGW campus to create a four-day visitor-friendly experience that not only shares our cohort’s research insights but also invites discussion with those affected by the very research subjects on display.

The name of our non-exhibit hints at how the diverse interests of our presenting students share a commonality of reflective concern for the world around us – a mode of criticality that has frequently brought our members to embrace strong sustainability practices. Some of the sustainability-related research that addresses socio-cultural, environmental, and health-related subjects includes but is not limited to: Connecting Irish landscape to the human experience through photography; the use of analog games for wellness development; describing the effects of design on the human body through choreography; exploring Iranian and Armenian cultural narratives using sustainably sourced textiles; articulating hidden impositions of power through remixing internet technology; and many more.






Rebecca Goodine

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