Waste Invaders is an open source educational arcade game designed to teach people about best waste management practices (at Concordia). Inspired by gamepley from space invaders, it allows for anyone to play and learn.

The first version of the game was educating people about the importance of plastic resin codes with how they relate to everyday objects (and where to put them) and sorting waste at Concordia. It includes resources about initiatives at Concordia and best practices to apply at home.

  • As a part of the newest version it would now directly link in Ca Va Ou which is a government tool where you can enter any object into their site and it’ll tell you where to dispose of it depending on your location, further adding to the tools of the game!
  • Other updates have also been made to make it more accessible to people through clearer controls and updated gameplay of Stage 1 meant to reflect personal disposal of waste rather than focusing on plastic resin types. The stage 1 redesign will also include an interactive tutorial rather than a conducing static one.
  • This update will also allow people to access the game anywhere on any device as a web app containing the game will be made including a live leaderboard!

Having a direct impact on people sorting their waste properly so it can be recycled properly is often overlooked by people, many not even knowing about the steps you need to take in order for facilities to process your waste properly. The primary goal is to decrease missorting of waste with the longterm results being a higher % of recycle materials being processed.