VOLITION, a 15-minute contemporary drama directed by Yzaïh Phénix-Alphonse, is a representation of Concordia University’s commitment to sustainability through innovative storytelling, hands-on learning, and a dedication to social realism.

The film revolves around the lives of two young black men, Desmond and Stiles, set against the vibrant backdrop of Montreal.

Desmond, a talented filmmaker constrained by the financial demands of producing music videos for a living, intersects with Stiles, a childhood friend turned popular artist. The narrative takes a tragic turn when Desmond, mistakenly targeted instead of Stiles during a music video shoot, loses his life. This pivotal event serves as the catalyst for Stiles’ journey to distance himself from a life of crime and strive for a respectable future.

The purpose of VOLITION extends beyond entertainment; it aspires to create a cinematic piece that educates and stimulates meaningful conversations about race, socio-economics, and the human experience within a sustainable context. The forecasted results encompass a visually stunning and thematically rich film that resonates with a diverse audience, contributing to Concordia’s stature as a hub for innovative and sustainable filmmaking.






Yzaih Phénix-Alphonse