“Faced against urban encroachment, plant life is losing the battle. An aerial view of Montreal reveals barren rooftops and a terrain paved over with asphalt. It is with this in mind, that we offer a creative and efficient solution to remedy this dismal situation.

To do this requires that one literally invents the needed space. We propose to do this by profiting from the potential of unused, vertical, exterior wall space.

We propose to install two greenwall structures on the exterior walls of the Hall Building Annex. This may seem like a grand venture but it is simpler than it seems. A greenwall consists of a series of boxes filled with organic substrate, stacked into a vertical, brick-like fashion which are attached to a solid steel frame. This steel frame is then in turn affixed to an exterior wall surface. The entire system is watered by drip irrigation which is supplied through the recuperation of rooftop rainwater runoff.”

Years funded: 2009-10

Amount allocated: $12,500.00

Project leader: Guillaume Poulin, Josiane Philion, Jean-Phillippe Thuot, Maxime Brunelle

E-mail: N/A

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