This 10th edition of UZURI is all about our continent and the impacts of a rapidly growing worldwide economy, which has detrimental environmental effects on the African continent.

Every year, the African Students’ Association of Concordia hosts the Uzuri Gala. This Gala has many performances to showcase the artistic talents of the students and alumni who are both from and outside of the African diaspora. This event is being hosted to further display and appreciate the multiculturality present within the African diaspora; as well as sensitize our community to the daily environmental threats faced by the communities back home. The unique display provided creates a respectable platform for artistic expression, while also highlighting the eminence of our excelling community.

The 9th edition was grand, educational, and inclusive to all! The Gala themed event is the center place for modern afro-inspired fashion, as well as theatrical and stage talent. The showcase included dancers, singers, poets, fashion designers, and musicians. The objective behind this occasion is to gather the different communities that constitute the diaspora and to celebrate black excellence. ASAC also intends on including more nuances to our concept of being African. This means more diversity in the representation of what it means to be African; more Arabic representation, more elements of the Islands around the continent such as Madagascar and the Mauritius and the Seychelles. The storyline structuring UZURI will be a journey across all corners of the African continent. Guests will be served at their tables to cocktail bites, food, and beverages during the running of the whole show so as to guarantee a unique experience. A new addition to UZURI will be the creation of a scholarship intended to encourage projects that work to the development of opportunities for individuals in the African community. The closing of the Gala will be followed by an after party.

The Uzuri gala is a celebration of African culture that showcases the beauty and diversity of the continent through music, dance, fashion, and art. African indigenous knowledge and practices, which are adapted to local conditions and passed down through generations, are crucial in sustaining local ecosystems and biodiversity. Uzuri highlights the importance of education and knowledge sharing as key components of sustainable development.

The event will start off by with a networking session to allow students to have face to face time with

The event promotes sustainable development by supporting local industries and artisans economically. Uzuri provides a platform for local designers and artists to showcase their work, which can lead to increased economic opportunities for these creatives.

The event will start off with a networking session to allow students to have face-to-face time with recruiters regarding potential job opportunities. During this time, students will also be able to take in the art prospect of the event, where some of them are made by Black Concordia students, which will allow them to gain visibility for their businesses. After the networking session, there will be performances of music, dance, and fashion. All of it will be African-centered and will allow Black students of Concordia to touch base with their roots and allow people to remind themselves and even gain knowledge of the beauty that is Africa as a whole.

Overall, with approximately 300 students attending, 60 volunteers with half of them being Concordia students, our goal is for Uzuri to demonstrate how a holistic approach to sustainability can be promoted through the cultural event. The event recognizes the importance of sustainability, not only in protecting the environment but also in maintaining social and cultural practices that promote harmony and well-being.






Eliana Amankwah


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