The Greenhouse Terrarium project aims to build a terrarium in the space where the old water tank is near the Greenhouse door.  The terrarium would be greenhouse friendly, meaning it would have no animals in it and no toxic soil, fertilizers or pest control. The terrarium will contribute to the overall aesthetic of the greenhouse and make better use of a space that has been identified as in need of a new purpose.

We wish for it to also be an attraction to bring more students to the greenhouse, and spread knowledge about up-cycling and green sustainability

The terrarium would up-cycle certain old materials in a sustainable way and provide the opportunity for the Concordia community to learn about self-sustaining biospheres. The project offers the opportunity for creativity and involvement from whichever students and volunteers want to be involved. Once made, terrariums are low maintenance and can be easily enjoyed by all when visiting the space.






Helena Kurlanksky