TAPthirst (Tap-drinkers Against Privatization) is an initiative dedicated to promoting awareness of the social, environmental and monetary costs of the bottled water industry, and water privatization as a whole. We aim to empower people at a grass roots level by supplying them with the information and tools necessary to question the bottled water industry and its impacts on our environment, health and communities. In doing this we hope to bring people one step closer to ethical water consumption in the fight against privatization of one of the world’s most important resources.

Our major goals are to eliminate bottled water from the University campus, improve infrastructure of public drinking water (i.e. improving numbers and maintenance of fill stations/water fountains) and educate the public as to the realities of water privatization, on both a local and global scale.




2009-2010: $400.00

2010-2011: $2,278.50

2011-2012: $196.00

Name: Erin Smith

Email: N/A

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