Take Heed is a set of wearable vests that use moving panels and haptic feedback to create an intimate and immersive experience that opens a discussion on mental health. The interdisciplinarity of Take Heed involves programming, electronics, a web database, and experimental fashion design. Take Heed is a year-long medium-term project that encourages female and non-binary leadership in STEM and artistic fields to exercise their technological oriented art practice in an interdepartmental collaboration in Concordia.

Our project stems from a desire to address the difficult access to mental health in the much-distressed student population, as well as the need for parity and diversity in the fields of computer science and electronics. We aim to raise awareness on this matter. In order to explore this questioning, we chose the
platform of wearable storytelling because it’s a medium that has the potential to be engaging to Concordia students on a personal level. In the scope of our project, we focus on self-identity, mental health, and the state of the body. We wish to question how these concepts could affect the state of one’s well-being with immersive storytelling tools.






Alessia Signorino

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