Sustainable Concorida is a fee-levy group, where in the past few months, through consultation with HSI students, and supporting us as staff members in the awareness & practice of feedback, they came to the realization that in addition to our bi-annual board retreat,  they felt the need to organize a staff retreat. In part to develop the ability to provide constructive & positive feedback in a non-hierarchical setting, their wish for a staff retreat stemmed from the realization that they needed to improve their foundation as staff members in respect to strengthening their relationships and addressing issues of staff turnover, burnout, consensus decision-making, and SC’s mandate as a whole.

SC will be organizing a 2 day retreat. The first day will be 7 hours dedicated to strategic planning to address the issues outlined above. For this, they are looking to rent the co-working space at Temple Ka, a black healing center, where they will have time away from Zoom and our office space, allowing an environment for deeper reflections on who they want to be as an organization. The second day will be dedicated to relationship-building to strengthen their team & culture.






Maria Mariano