Founded in 2012, the Sustainable Campus International Competition (SCIC) recognises student-led sustainability projects that aim to create positive environmental, social and economic impacts. The competition also serves as a hub for students from around the world to share ideas, collaborate, and inspire one another. The competition is an opportunity for students to transform their learning into action.

The SCIC has a prestigious array of international ambassadors including Dr. David Suzuki, and the Chair on Sustainable Development UNESCO in Bordeaux Dr. Michel Ricard, endorsing the competition as conceived by its founding partners MacEwan University (Edmonton, Canada), Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), Kingston University (London, United Kingdom), and the Youth for Sustainable Development Foundation.

SCIC is designed as an 18-month competition.  Students are asked to develop a sustainability project they can implement within their campuses and communities within one academic year.  The strongest projects will forecast tangible impacts by the end of the academic year, though the projects may and are encouraged to continue in the future.

The student teams will be judged for their ability to improve sustainability impacts based on specific metrics, the strength of their engagement strategy with stakeholders and the overall quality of the project presented. The SCIC 2014 international jury panel will be presided by the CEO of the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) Iain Patton, and he declares that: “Revolution is in the air and the SCIC is at the heart of the new student-driven and staff-supported sustainability mandate that is empowering students to unleash their transformative potential”.

Years funded: 2013-14

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