The mission of the Sustainable Business Conference is to increase the sustainability awareness of our business students and to highlight businesses that have incorporated that have incorporated sustainability into their practices.

Furthermore, the SBC is an opportunity for business students to see that sustainability and economic prosperity need not be mutually exclusive. It is a chance for them to learn beyond the scope of the classroom, through exposure to tangible examples of ingenuity, determination, and success. Also, as teachings of sustainable business practices begin to filter into classrooms and companies alike, attendants of the SBC will hold a distinct competitive edge over their peers.

This conference is planned and executed annually by the John Molson Sustainable Business Group. In fact, this student committee was created as an extension of the conference, developed with the purpose of providing Concordia University business students with an ongoing resource. Although SBC remains the main annual event, the association has the ability to offer critical information year-round. The JSG hopes to empower all JMSB students to make sustainable decisions each day in their personal, academic, and professional lives. In turn, we hope our future business leaders use this knowledge to make a difference in the corporate world.

Years funded: 2008-09. 2009-10

Amount allocated:

2008-09: $10,000.00

2009-10: $8,440.00

Project leader: Rina Albala


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