Each year, the Department of Design and Computation Arts (DCART) conceives an exhibition showcasing a variety of projects from its undergraduate students. This show allows for substantial involvement from the student body. For many of those students, this year-end show consists of a first opportunity to share and present their work to the public eye. Such events motivate students to push their capabilities and create thoughtful, meaningful and complete projects that they are truly proud of. This year’s theme, Space Between, is an opportunity to think about new spaces opening up in our lives and our practices.

Within the chosen theme, there will be room to include projects that are speculative in nature, as well as projects that are a proof of concept. There will be an opportunity for some of the exhibitors to feature the back-story of their creation process to give rise to the methodology involved in a design process.

This year, the exhibition will be taking place on a virtual platform due to Covid-19 restrictions and will launch on April 22nd 2021. Through this digital exhibition, we aim to show the platform’s potential to reach an ever-wider audience during exceptional circumstances.

The DCART department has a strong emphasis on sustainability. The exhibition highlights student-designed works that are designed according to sustainability principles and responsible material practices. It is also a showcase for diverse voices within the DCART department, with works that engage with sociocultural issues and community engagement. Each year, a jury of faculty gives awards to the student works that demonstrate excellence in both environmental and sociocultural sustainability.






Therese Hoang