"Enhancing the VA Green Space Towards Sustainability while Creating a Living Laboratory"

With the growing density of high-rise condo and office towers, The Fine Art’s courtyard has become one of the few green spaces left in the downtown core and on the Concordia campus. Both garden and courtyard are enjoyed by Concordia students, faculty and staff as well as nearby residents. The current construction in the VA courtyard removed most of the green and presents an unique opportunity to rebuild the space so it can realize its ecotherapy potential but also create a living-lab where research data can be gathered to help meet Concordia’s mandate with the CERC for Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities.  The first phase would be to build this green lab using a bottom-up approach involving a systematic user co-creation involving Concordia Students. Our inter-disciplinary team, consisting of Sculpture and Ceramics faculty member and students, would like to create two green eco-therapy areas.

Themes: Health & Wellbeing, Energy, Resources & Technology

Shelagh McNally, Joé Côté-Rancourt, Anne Devautour, James Spielmaker

BFA, Faculty of Fine Arts