The Basic Curriculum of the Solidarity Economy Incubator Project will provide an annual cohort of Concordia students with a grounding in the history and current issues of the global solidarity economy movement. Workshop participants will learn critical tools for analyzing the current market economy. The course will cover examples of alternatives all over the world, assessing their strengths and weaknesses. These include federations of cooperatives like Mondragon in Basque territory in Spain and Emilia Romagna in Italy, Indigenous economies and land defense, and municipal economic development models from the US and UK. Finally, participants will learn about a variety of options for participating in the solidarity economy at home, as entrepreneurs, community organizers, advocates– as journalists or as artists.
Following the success of SEIZE’s curriculum series “Fundamentals of the Solidarity Economy”, we are launching into the next phase of our campaign, which is to host a large-scale conference on the solidarity economy at Concordia. This conference will showcase the tremendous work the Concordia community has engaged in through the years to develop the solidarity economy. Highlighting the thriving student solidarity economy ecosystem at Concordia such as Hive Cafe & free lunch, the Woodnote Housing Co-operative, Frigo vert, Reggies Bar, and the Coop Bookstore. It will educate Concordia undergraduates on the co-operative model, sustainable business development, and the movement for economic democracy.
Marcus Peters

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