The School of Public Affairs and Community Policies, along with Concordia University will be presenting a panel discussion about “Feeding Montreal” in which 4 panelists and a moderator will tackle on the issues of local and provincial food security and food sovereignty.

The goal is this project was to develop the knowledge and skills relevant to community and public affairs, with an emphasis placed on the process by which policies are developed, implemented and advocated, as well as the role of various institutions in this process. However, this project had a more important meaning than the academic one; the issues of food security and food sovereignty are of global importance, affecting the lives of everyone. The main objective was to bring awareness to the Montreal community about the issues and to find possible solutions and alternatives for the future; which is also why the school presents yearly panel discussions.

Years funded: 2009-10

Amount allocated: $467.84

Project leader: Pauline Lambton, Mallory Lawton, Fabienne Gabillet-Dyke, Catherine L’Italien


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