"Occupant-centric Modeling for Urban Building Energy Simulation"

The building sector contributes to 30 ~ 40% of the global energy consumption. To achieve today’s ambitious climate goals, the building sector, as a significant energy consumer, possess immense potential for energy savings by several means. Knowing the key roles of occupants in a building’s energy use, Sanam’s research focuses on proposing stochastic-based occupant-centric controls and operations of building energy systems at the urban scale. Providing a realistic occupancy model that dynamically simulates the occupant-centric schedules connected to the building energy simulation tool could provide relatively accurate simulation results and pave the way to identify energy-efficient strategies. The primary stakeholder involved in and affected by this research is Concordia University, the EV Building being the case study for this research.

Themes: Energy, Resources & Technology, Health & Well-being

Sanam Dabirian

PhD, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science