Electric vehicles, whether battery-electric, plug-in hybrids or neighborhood, all have three main problems related to their battery: a low energy density, which translates into low range, a need for long and frequent charging stops and a limited battery life leading to replacements coming in at a very high cost, both monetary and environmentally-wise. CAPSolar therefore aims to solve these problems in order to accelerate the electrification of transports, making this sector more sustainable. Its instrument, Solar Power: CAPSolar currently develops a first-of-its-kind, add-on solar module designed exclusively for Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). It will boost NEVs efficiency by extending their range and battery life, and by offsetting the infamous parasitic current drain NEVs are prone to.

Themes: Energy, Resources and Technology, Waste

Samy Benhamza, Kostadin Angelov, Ivan Chernoskutov, Ahmed El-Agroudy, Racim Fezoui, Hanssan Permalloo

BSC, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science