The Concordia SAE Supermileage Racing team is a student-run organization with the goal of building a fuel-efficient vehicle to participate in the annual International SAE Supermileage competition. The students involved work extensively throughout the year to develop innovative designs that will maximize the fuel economy of the vehicle.

The Supermileage is a single-person vehicle propelled by a small, one cylinder, four-stroke engine provided by Briggs & Stratton. Its body is composed of lightweight materials, aerodynamically shaped to reduce any thrust or forces that oppose the movement of the vehicle. The objective of the competition is to obtain the highest combined miles per gallon ratio possible set out on a specific race track. The teams participating will have the opportunity to show their ingenuity and demonstrate the current and future generations that there is an unlimited field of green engineering technology.

The main goal of this competition is to create awareness, within universities, about fuel consumption and promote the reduction of toxic gas emissions by vehicles. The Concordia SAE Supermileage team challenges its members with the intention of breeding environmental alertness within students. This is important because these young men and women are the future engineers and scientists who will research and develop technology that will positively impact the environment.


Name: Kar On Mark


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