REEF aims to design and build a modular artificial ceramic base reef using 3D printing to house farmed corals. This structure would act as a building block and flourish over time to promote the re-growth of dying and/or damaged coral reefs. A lot of testing needs to be done, as REEF plans to use either concrete with marine cement or ceramics (casting ceramic powder). According to each material’s mechanical properties, REEF will choose which material is engineeringly, environmentally and environmentally compatible as well as financially responsible. As a team of future engineers, REEF wants to prove that engineering was meant for the betterment of the human race. The team members want to use their 4 years of engineering knowledge to do a project which involves innovative engineering with restoration ecology and innovative risk reduction solution.  By doing this, REEF hopes to help corals in building a reef, to protect the receding shoreline against waves, keep our lagoons safe and most importantly to provide habitat to marine animals which contribute to our ecosystem. We also hope to help set up a marine ecosystem test cell at the university with our project.






Faizan Kedoo


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