The Green interviews were a way to introduce the Concordia campus community to the people around them that are working on sustainable initiatives. The interviewees ranged from current students, staff and faculty, as well as alumni, or anyone directly involved with the university.

It recognized these people as the fore-runners of the sustainable culture we are developing at Concordia. The interviews were approximately 45 minutes long, held in a comfortable atmosphere and touched on subjects from the interviewee’s initiative to how they have applied sustainability to their everyday lives. The interview was recorded, transcribed and developed into an article that was uploaded onto the Sustainable Concordia blog and other participating media outlets on campus. A picture was taken of the interviewee with a reusable mug to promote the lug-a-mug campaign and was updated to the website and labeled a “mug shot”.

Years funded: 2007-08

Amount allocated: $1,000

Project leader: Jennifer Gagné

E-mail: N/A

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