The goal of this project is to provide an array of viewpoints about how to develop a post-capitalist society by interviewing and making available video interviews with experts in the field. The videos will be hosted on a website (domain to be determined) and on a YouTube channel. Montreal, especially Concordia, has been at the center of the discussion surrounding post-capitalist futures. For two years, Concordia was the host of Transform Montreal, a conference about how to build alternative economies. In May 2018, Montreal is hosting another conference about post-capitalism called, ‘The Great Transition: Setting the Stage for a Post-Capitalist Society’ 1 . The funding will cover filming ‘The Great Transition’ conference, interviewing conference participants, editing the videos, building the website archive and uploading the videos to YouTube and the website. These videos will be circulated to the general public via Facebook and other social media platforms.






Erik Chevrier

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