The Basic Cooking Class – Pilot Project is meant as learning experience for both the team (representatives from Sustainable Concordia, Concordia Student Union Campus 101’s and the PERFORM Centre) and students. For our team, it is to evaluate the feasibility of organizing and running a sustainable and accessible community cooking class. For participants (students), it’s an opportunity to learn more about food issues and nutrition. As a bonus, all involved get to eat a delicious and nutritious meal at the end of the class!

Following this Pilot Project, the team will take the data collected during the class and develop a model for running classes during the 2014-2015 academic year. There is the potential to host cooking classes for that year, not only in the PERFORM kitchen, but in other kitchens on campus. Hospitality Concordia has also mentioned that the future classes could serve as a certification for RA’s to be able to supervise students in residence kitchens. The Basic Cooking class will engage Concordia students in food sourcing, preparation, nutrition and waste. We plan to create a cooking class that increases student understanding of where their food comes from, how to prepare easy meals, the nutritional value of the food they eat and how to give their food waste back to the earth.

Years funded: 2013-14

Amount allocated: $735.00

Project leader: Arrien Weeks


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