The People’s Potato is a collectively-run soup kitchen that offers vegan meals to students and community members on a by-donation basis. No one is turned away for lack of funds. It serves food during the Fall and Winter semesters from Monday to Friday. It is located at 1455 de Maisonneuve West on the 7th floor.

Garden (2008-09): The People’s Potato Garden was founded as an initiative designed to offer the opportunity to create fresh, locally-grown produce, and to provide a welcome respite from the concrete jungle of the city. Run by a staff of volunteers, the Garden was founded at the Loyola campus in NDG in 2008. Its goal was to provide a space that encourages volunteer participation while providing community members with access to fresh and organic vegetables.

Food Bank (2011-12): The People’s Potato requested funding from the Sustainability Action Fund to increase their selection of fresh and whole foods at their Food Bank. The need for this project was clear, as the majority of food distributed by the People’s Potato came from Moisson Montreal, and rarely contained a wide variety of fresh produce or beans and grains.

Canning Project 2011-12): This project aimed to buy canning equipment, a dehydrator, a vacuum packer and a freezer in order to preserve some of the vegetables harvested from our community garden at Loyola campus as well as fresh produce we purchase at the end of the summer at Jean Talon market. They were to be used in our daily meals during those barren months when fresh produce is scarce or is sourced from other countries. The goals of this project were twofold. First, to buy produce when it is less expensive and local in order to preserve it to be used in lunches later on. Volunteers would also preserve what was harvested from the garden during the warmer months. The second goal was to hold a canning and dehydrating workshop at the beginning of the semester in order to teach students how to save money by preserving for the winter months and speak about buying local and supporting our farmers.



2008-09: $4,000.00

2011-2012: $2,400.00 (Canning Project), $2,230.11 (Food Bank)

Name: People’s Potato


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