The project aims to install a sink to serve as a Tupperware washing station as well as a spot to fill up water bottles. The sink would be located outside of the People’s Potato kitchen, to the right of the entrance on the 7th floor of the Hall Building. The first goal of this project is to provide a much-needed and highly requested space for the users of the People’s Potato to wash out their Tupperwares after lunch as we do not carry enough dishes to accommodate all of our users, encouraging them to bring their own Tupperware is an alternative to highly polluting throw-away dishware options (i.e. Styrofoam, paper, and plastic).

The second goal concerns the utility of the sink as a water bottle fill-up station. As the campus becomes increasingly overrun by corporate vending machines, drinking fountains are becoming more and more obsolete. In our spirit of challenging the corporatization of food services on campus all the way down to the water we drink, the People’s Potato would like to participate in the struggle for free and accessible drinking water on campus.


2010-2011: $3,987.93

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