The peer support training program will train volunteers how to offer intersectional, anti-oppressive, harm reductive, non-directional, and non-judgmental active listening support for free. These individuals will be trained on a variety of topics, such as suicide, gender, race, mental health and sexuality for a period of 4 months in order to ensure that they could best support our clientele who are at the intersections of being racialized, trans and/or nonbinary,gay, non-status, and disabled to name a few. The knowledge offered will come from individuals who themselves are at these intersections. Moreover, once completing the peer support training program, “graduates” will have the ability to continue their learning as in-depth workshops are offered throughout the year.

The peer support drop-in is the active listening service that we offer for free, which is especially important for marginalized communities where financial scarcity is prevalent. Our active listening services are given by our volunteers who have undergone our peer support training program.






Barbara Saldana