The B7 Mushroom Project aims to develop a mycelium incubator/ laboratory as well as a sustainable outdoor mushroom growing facility at the Batiment 7/ Fermette de la Pointe-Saint-Charles. The project comprises three components, the first is an educational component, the second is an integrational component and the third is access to greater food security and autonomy. The educational element of the project consists of on-site mini bilingual semi-structured workshops on how to grow mushrooms, how to prepare them for consumption, and their contribution to human and environmental health.

In the near future, these workshops will also be adapted and integrated into the Incubator, which is a series of workshops on food production, transformation, and distribution and on social entrepreneurship for refugee women with an agrarian background. Last but not least, the mushroom growing facility is one of the building blocks of the Fermette production and transformation hub whose mission is to curb food insecurity and to allow for greater food autonomy to the community of la Pointe-Saint-Charles




Zeina El Omari