"Developing Sustainable Building Retrofitting Scenarios Considering Energy Consumption, Life Cycle Assessment, and Life Cycle Cost Analysis "

This project intends to analyze the energy consumption of existing buildings on both campuses of Concordia University to evaluate their energy consumption and assess what indicators are the main causes of their consumption and what suggestions could be recommended to make these buildings more energy efficient. The solutions will be prepared by implementing a multi-criteria assessment that evaluates the impacts in critical terms of feasibility, cost-efficiency, and carbon emissions by utilizing LCC and LCA methodologies. Furthermore, a sensitivity analysis regarding various retrofitting scenarios will be done to help the construction designers and decision-makers choose the most appropriate scenario according to their goals. Finally, this project aims to develop a comprehensive emission dashboard for the buildings of Concordia University by using the LCA methodology. This emission dashboard will demonstrate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in all three phases of embodied, operational, and end-of-life sections for various buildings of the university campuses.

Themes: Energy, Research & Technology, Community

Mohammad Reza Seyedabadi

PhD, Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science