We are a group of undergraduate students involved in campus mobilization through Concordia’s MobSquad. We study in the Faculty of Arts and Science and several of us are elected to sit on departmental association executive committees. We intend to launch a campaign in an effort to strengthen our departmental student associations and to establish them in departments where they do not currently exist. Although our group evolved from MobSquad, this project is open to all interested students at Concordia, and, in fact, we will prioritize enlarging the group.

We believe that collective decision making is more effective in smaller groups, and it is easier for individuals to navigate within departmental associations, allowing students to participate more meaningfully in their associations. Structures that help individual students have a more substantial effect on their associations’ decisions, through direct measures like general assemblies and referenda, will increase participation in student governance and produce more accountable, just, and sustainable political decisions.


Name: Irmak Bahar

Email: N/A

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