"From Recyclable to Researchable: Generating Research-Grade Microplastics from Recycled Materials"

 In partnership with Concordia Precious Plastics Project (CP3), this project will collect recyclable plastic material from both of Concordia University’s campuses and process it to generate research-grade Micro Plastics (MP’s). A batch of MP particles is considered to be research-grade and an appropriate alternative to virgin MPs if it possesses these three characteristics:

1) has a consistent and verified chemical composition,
2) has a defined and strict size range, and
3) is fluorescent and/or easily trackable.

Unlike the traditional proprietary sources for virgin MPs, this research will exercise complete transparency and will share all methodological and chemical information for public use. The collection of MPs for this project would also serve as an improvement of CP3’s shredding process as we collect the materials that would have otherwise gone unutilized, or worse – wasted. 

Themes: Energy, Resources & Technology, Waste

Miguel Eduardo Felismino

MSc, Faculty of Arts and Science