An online workshop that will start with a short discussion focusing on the health inequities many black people face when seeking medical attention and the stigmas that come with it. This is mainly to highlight the difficulties of facing systemic racism in a province that pretends it does not exist. More specifically, this workshop is to highlight the effect anti-black racism plays on the mental health of Black and African-Canadian individuals and their communities.

This initial discussion will lead to a series of speaker presentations. These presentations will inform participants how to find mental health resources relevant to the Black experience. The workshop will include several workshop speakers, representing organizations working in the fields of mental health and social services. This would include informing participants on:

– self-care for dealing with microaggressions or acts of racism;
– tips for black students in dealing with the restrictions of this pandemic;
– and informing participants on their rights and freedoms (such as in the areas of policing literacy).

The goal is to encourage many Black and African-Canadians to seek the mental health resources they may need and to encourage intracommunal support. The event will last two hours so that we can truly assess the situation through a discussion and apply the tools to deal with them.






Brianna Reece