Les Brasseurs Illuminés believe in the ability of the student population to provide for themselves the foodstuff most often associated with University life, the fermented barley beverage commonly known as beer. The purpose of this project is to provide a source of sustainable high quality locally produced beer, while educating the student population in all aspects of its production and consumption.

Les Brasseurs Illuminés is structured as a worker’s co-op, with any profits being reinvested into the project and eventually the creation of other projects that advance Concordia’s level of food sovereignty. With many students spending money on beer produced by multinational conglomerates, we believe that offering a local sustainable alternative at a lower price point will allow us to gain a portion of this market, keeping the funds on campus for reinvestment into the community.

The primary objective of Les Brasseurs Illuminés is the foundation of a worker run (i.e student run) brewery situated on or near campus. The co-operative will be capable of producing a sustainably viable alternative to the standardized lacklustre lagers to which many have become accustomed. Once a market is established for Concordia beer, we believe that to become truly sustainable it is necessary for us repay the project’s contributing organizations. Once this is achieved, future profits will be placed in a fund to be made available to further projects concerned with Concordia’s food security.

Years funded: 2013-14, 2015-16

Amount allocated: 

2013-14: $11,797.00

2015-16: $1120.00

Project leader: Les Brasseurs Illuminés

E-mail: brasseursillumines@gmail.com

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