"Unlearning Design: A Decolonizing and Inclusivity Toolkit"

This research looks at how there is more to design beyond the typical and traditional values commonly showcased in design education. The goal of this project is to highlight different areas of design to showcase design beyond traditional Eurocentric values. The team hopes to bring out lessons of inclusivity for the greater conversation of diversity in design, to inspire unity in our search for a more representative design field. Our project is titled “Unlearning Design: A Decolonizing and Inclusivity Toolkit”. The project includes talks and workshops by contemporary Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and queer designers from various regions in Canada and the US, and documented and designed in a series of 5 risograph zines. The guest designers featured: Elaine Lopez, Sébastien Aubin, Danielle and Kevin McCoy of WORK/PLAY, Ramon Tejada, and Jimmy Van Luu.

Themes: Social Justice, Education

Le Lin, Brian Pham, Dominique Montesano,
Mariah Andrews and Masheyla Anderson

BFA, Faculty of Fine Arts


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