This project consists of founding a long-term maintenance of a community permaculture garden in the neighbourhood of St-Henri, Montreal, as part of a currently existing art studio known as La Ruche d’Art. The aim is to provide a place for community members to dialogue about local social change, make art for free, and even sell their work that they create in the studio. The studio acts both as a meeting place and a creative outlet, providing release, wellbeing through expression, and social interaction.

The LaRuche Gardens project is an on-site extension of this, with the goal of making gardening an additional avenue for expression, exercise, and education, fully integrated with the art studio.  We aim to establish a garden populated with native species as well as herbs and vegetables, offer workshops to educate participants on urban agriculture (with an emphasis on accessible, simple gardening), and harvest our plants to produce teas, food, and pigments for dying fabrics and painting.


Name: Olga Perju & Nick Uhlig

Email: N/A

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