As part of a larger project of environmental sustainability, The Community Gardeners of Concordia had the pleasure of working with the non-profit organization called La Maison Benoit Labre to help tackle the local’s food insecurity crisis in the Sud-Ouest of Montreal by planting vegetables on the plot of land besides the center’s entrance and sharing the produce with local residents. As a result, building communities was a key factor in breaking barriers that surrounded socially excluded groups of society.

The Labre House helps people who are experiencing homelessness, addiction, marginalization and who are in need. They also provide a safe place for psychosocial support and development. They provide essential services such as showers, meals, clothes and survival supplies like tents, tarps and sleeping bags.

Our current project proposes continuing the partnership with MBL as an internship for Concordia’s students to learn more about adult education and how it can help current and future generation learn about environmental injustice(s) and the social impact(s) of it.






Marie-Josee Tambanillo