Back by demand, JSG is coming with its regular annual events and also adding additional big conference – “Sustainable Finance Speaker Series”. This year’s Events will feature relevant experts’ presentations, case studies, tools and solutions, interactive business sessions on a wide range of timely topics on Sustainability.

JSG is unique in its approach of combining business students from the undergraduate and graduate levels as its executive board. Furthermore, your association will be contributing to the development of the skill sets of commerce students by familiarizing them with critical issues not currently addressed in the school’s curriculum. Finally, it will provide these students with the opportunity to network with business leaders effectively employing sustainable practices.

The JSG explores the strategies and practices that businesses are using to create a more sustainable future, as well as the obstacles that are preventing more businesses from adopting these models. The JSG exists to educate and inspire the business leaders of today and our students, the business leaders of tomorrow.

Years funded: 2010-11

Amount allocated: $7,184.49

Project leader: Dmytro Prokhorov


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