Since January 1989, the Jeux du Commerce has sought to bring together commerce students from across the province and Canada.

Traditionally, the competition consists of three distinct aspects: Academic, which represents to core of the Jeux du Commerce, consisting of several case studies based on real-life scenarios, Athletic, in which participants are required to compete in three different sporting events meant to promote teamwork and fair play, and Social, which involves many unique and sometimes eccentric activities designed to promote networking, team bonding, and most importantly, school spirit.

From January 8th to 11th, 2010, the JDC 2010 provided Concordia University with an excellent opportunity to develop its sustainability culture on campus. Although this was the 21st anniversary of the JDC, this is there first year where sustainability has extended into every aspect of the games. From transportation, to lodging, to sports, and even to social competitions; the organizing committee has taken numerous steps to make these games the most sustainable yet.

Years funded: 2009-10

Amount allocated: $13,400.00

Project leader: Eric Blanchette

E-mail: N/A

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