INTERSTICE is the Concordia University Master of Design final research exhibition of the 2020 cohort of 10 students, displaying their final thesis research-creation projects at Anteism Gallery, located in Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood.
The exhibition running from April 28th to May 3rd, 2020, provides both our cohort and the Design department at large, the opportunity to engage with the Concordia community and showcase the diverse, interdisciplinary work of the program. This exhibition will ensure a communal, student-oriented cultural environment as the venue is being shared by both the undergraduate (exhibition: In.Finite) and graduate cohorts (exhibition: Interstice) of the Design department, featuring the works of all the students graduating this year. In this way, both exhibitions strive to incorporate sustainable building and promotion strategies including eco-friendly and locally sourced brochures and posters, used wood for exhibition walls that will be donated post-exhibition to a woodworking collective, and borrowed university equipment including lights, projectors, among others.
Reaching out to the Concordia student community, both current and future cohorts, the exhibition invites engagement with final graduate research-creation projects, highlighting informative, interdisciplinary, community-oriented and sustainable research practices. In line with the interdisciplinary nature of the program, we represent the diversity of research-creation while addressing key SAF sustainability issues such as:
(1) Gender and Sexuality (project: representation of gender diversity in Quebec textbooks), (
2) Indigeneity (projects: Indigenous knowledge dissemination through game design; Cree typography and processing; Traditional Iranian storytelling in VR),
(3) Access to and democratization on knowledge (projects: framing devices of the body and embodiment of the senses; transparency of the design process in architecture practice) and many more.
Bringing the process of design and creative research to the forefront of the student community at Concordia instigates a necessary long-term dialogue on sustainable research practices, benefiting both the department of Design, and Concordia at large, while also providing valuable student networking opportunities. The scope of what we are able to achieve is largely dependent on the financial support we are able to accumulate and we greatly appreciate your consideration of our efforts.






Firdous Nizar


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