iGEM Concordia’s goal is to promote the field of synthetic biology by cultivating an interdisciplinary community of passionate students, professors and advisors. Our team aims to engage in a synthetic biology project that carries significant relevance to current day problems.

2014: Our project titled “Clean Green Lipid Machine involves” the genetic engineering of microalgae. Our goal is to develop genetic engineering tools for various Chlorella & Chlamydomonas species to turn them into a chassis for future iGEM teams. This will provide an organism capable of synthesizing a variety of useful molecules, such as lipids, which can be used as biofuels. The project will culminate when we compete against 245 universities from all over the world at the 10th Annual iGEM Competition, hosted by MIT in Boston, MA. in October 2014.

2016: This year, our team plans to design a biological system that mimics the concept of the popular TV show Robot Wars, by incorporating our spin for the synthetic biology community. Essentially, our experiment will involve equipping cells with nanoparticles and engaging them into a battle. The outline of our project is as follows: synthesize nanoparticles using a plant-based method for an eco-friendly approach and attach such nanoparticles to the outer-surface of the cell membranes. Once equipped with armour, the cells will flow through an obstacle course leading to a battledome, followed by an analysis of their


Years funded: 2013-14, 2016-17

Amount allocated:

2013-14: $5,000.00

2016-17: $10,000.00

Project leader: David Oram (2014), Maria Salouros (2016)

E-mail: igem.concordia@gmail.com

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