I Want My LGBTV is a performance art piece exposing the production of “The Hot Mess Hotline”, a segment of the second episode of “The Alex A*********s Show” video art series. The segment is a relationship advice hotline where LGBTQ+ folks seek and receive advice from two Queer love gurus. The majority of our cast and crew are Concordia students, alumni, and community members with varying levels of experience. During pre-production, we will work collaboratively to develop the show’s structure, creative-process, and production model. Through this community based praxis, we will create a show that portrays a theatrical scenario of diverse queer relationships. I Want My LGBTV also touches on Queer labor within the entertainment industry and aims to promote social change through providing a habitable working environment for members apart of the project and through satirical content embedded into our creative writing for the script.
Art Souterrain is hosting this performance at Place de la Cite Internationale on April 22nd, 2022 as a
free to attend event, as well as will be livestreamed to provide a COVID-Safe viewing option. We have
promoted this to Concordia students as an opportunity to gain work experience through community
engagement. The






Sydney Pulfer