The wastewater filtration system we aim to build is for the hydroponic culture in Quebec. The system will allow recirculation of the effluent after passing through a biofilm filtration system (either made of mushroom, algae, bacteria, or others to be analyzed). This filtration will remove the contaminant and will give back the nutrients left out from the previous circulation. This system should be able to recirculate the water forever, having only to adjust the pesticides/chemicals/nutrients added to the water and add extra water due to evaporation. All the systems will use monitoring devices, pumps, and natural gravitational fields to enable the system to function.
This system will possibly benefit the Concordia Greenhouse. Indeed, if the system is efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain, it will be very interesting to use to grow hydroponic culture on the roof. In addition, we are in contact with them and they accepted to share some space for our project at the Greenhouse.






Dorothée Therrien