“How Do You Play with Earth?” is an immersive, interdisciplinary art event that aims to connect the gap between environmental and social sustainability through the bridge of culture. This is realized by exploring the materiality of the earth, celebrating September’s harvest season, and centering QTBIPOC artists while bringing students into nature. The curatorial vision revolves around the question: How do we interact with our planet? It is an opportunity for participants to break away from traditional Euro-centric expectations and to transcend the conventional role of the passive observation of art. Instead, we will create an active art experience where visitors forge relationships with the land through storytelling, touch, consumption, play, and more.  We will highlight the process of how art and objects are made from the earth’s resources, and showcase the inherent ephemeral and growth cycles of nature.

The project is a week-long art exhibit with an in-person performance as the finale. This finnisage will include evening performances in the garden at Parc Jean Drapeau centered around our theme. Open to all forms of performance, dance, drag, contemporary, experimental etc,  it will further highlight the impermanence of time as this will be one night only. Performers can further engage with the viewers through conversations about territory and our roles as guardians of land.

“How Do You Play with Earth?” strives to leave a lasting impact, encouraging participants to reflect on their profound relationship with the planet and the interconnectedness of art and nature. By encouraging visitors to actively engage with the exhibit and performances, we aim to foster a sense of stewardship towards Earth and inspire a newfound appreciation for the ever-changing beauty of the natural world.






Coco Mariano