The Hive Cafe Solidarity Co-Operative mission is to fill the current food-void at Loyola campus and Downtown campus by providing inexpensive, healthy, locally-sourced and organic food to students.

The café provides much greater access to the community space that is the Hive, since it increases the opening hours of a very large student space where individuals and groups can meet to discuss and work on projects. To combat global sustainability issues such as climate change we prioritize local and organic food procurement and increasingly limit use of petroleum products. The free lunch service and break-even model will address poverty both directly and in through outreach. This cooperative’s governance is directly inclusive of the Concordia community; those who want can be a part of developing the project as time goes on, thus providing a source for creative output that will add to community development.



2013-2014: $12,500.00

2015-2016: $6,800.00

Name: Jessica Cabana