The Hive Cafe Solidarity Cooperative is known around Concordia for its great food and coffee at accessible prices, which is a major aspect of our Mission. This past academic year the Hive has been undergoing significant organizational — and physical — restructuring to better achieve this mandate. We intend to continue improving food service and options to the Concordia community by focusing on securing kitchen space to expand our in-house food production capacity.

Purpose: to continue to expand capacity for in-house food production, which includes:

  • campaigning and strategy, as well as securing and negotiating for a kitchen space on SGW campus by working with the Administration to confirm a plan and usage agreement
  • developing ethically and environmentally responsible procurement policy and vetting suppliers,
  • redesigning, developing and implementing the menu (with reduced prices to around or under $5 for most items)
  • coordinating and building systems for other users of the space (community stakeholders), developing initial kitchen procedures for food operations within the cafe

These actions are contingent on paying skilled worker-members for their continued commitment to the initial development of in-house food production.

Years funded: 2015-16

Amount allocated: $6,800.00

Project leader: Jessica Cabana


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