Hamidou Horticulture is an enterprise that produces and sells ancient and international-native agricultural products such as plants and seedlings. Hamidou Horticulture has a mission to produce, in an ecologically responsible manner, products that many immigrants in Montréal may not have access to. The enterprise also aims to teach how to grow and consume ethnically diverse foods as well as its importance in a multi-cultural city such as Montréal. Hamidou Horticulture looks to reach a larger population, more specifically marginalized populations who have difficulty accessing the produce needed by implementing a vegetable basket project.

The CSA vegetable basket is important because it will contribute to lowering food insecurity by providing healthy and fresh produce. 30% of which will be international and ancient vegetables that are often hard to access in the region of Montreal and around 70% will be more common vegetables from North America.

Concordia’s Sir George William campus is our targeted location to sell these baskets. It has been confirmed by the Concordia Food Coalition that there is a demand for such baskets and the downtown campus will be our primary drop point location. However, we will also be selling them at the Loyola Campus and our greenhouse in Verdun.

The project would aid in destigmatization and international cultures through food.






Ourania Ntagizege Nima