"The Climate Anxiety Toolbox: Empowering Students and Promoting Wellness in the Face of Climate Change"

This research is informing the creation of a Climate Anxiety Toolbox. Research has shown that self-efficacy plays a key part in positively managing climate anxiety, the Climate Anxiety Toolbox would exist as a needs- and user-driven site with a minimalistic layout and plain-language communication style to empower its individual users. Users will navigate the site by choosing whether they would benefit from learning, managing emotions, listening, or connecting with local resources and initiatives both at Concordia University and in Montreal.

Drawing on the recommendations of professional organizations such as the American Psychological Association or the Journal of Ecotherapy, and using the Climate Psychology Alliance as a role model. This research of the four categories cited above will guide the creation of this toolbox and relate to the specific eco anxieties of Concordia students. 

Themes: Wellbeing, Community

Gab McLaren

MA, Faculty of Arts and Science