Le Frigo Vert provides its members with various categories of natural and organic products, including bulk staples such as flours, grains, cereals, dried beans, nuts and seed, dried fruits etc.

This category of foods is particularly important to our members, since it provides a source of low-cost whole foods that would otherwise be unaffordable to students and low-income people. Buying in bulk also decreases wastes in packaging, and members are encouraged to reuse their bags or bring their own reusable containers.

This project funding served to replace the previous round bulk buckets with top-loading gravity bins, which reduce waste from spillage, reduce contamination from scoop-sharing and spills from one bucket to another, and are air-tight and reduce the risk of moth infestation.

Years funded: 2008-09

Amount allocated: $4,000

Project leader: Bronwen Agnew

E-mail: yesfrigo@gmail.com

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